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About Us

Now a days to own any kind of land free from all encumbrances by a citizen of our country and especially the Industrialists are facing difficulties even after huge investment. Therefore, our motto is to procure any land to fulfill the desire of our clients to their entire satisfaction.

In the absence of the relevant documents which are most essential, we take all the tasks and risks to obtain the necessary documents from the concerned Revenue Department. It is our challenge to say that the properties which we convey to our clients are Crystal Clear land for their proposed projects.

Our clients only have to identify the lands which are feasible for their projects and on their confirmation their job is to finalise the price of the properties and enter into contract with us. As we are One Stop Shop for all your property needs, once you sign an Agreement with us for an agreed price, no other charges/remuneration will be claimed / charged thereafter till Registration.

After execution of Absolute Sale Deed and delivering the vacant possession of the Converted land to our clients, we take the responsibility to clear any objection / litigation at our own cost.

We take very much care to preserve our spirit to keep our reliable profession at the Top Most successful position and our clients are kept away from all the painstaking jobs.

We are also specialized in procuring lands for the Housing Societies for formation of Residential Layouts and suitable lands particularly for Educational Institutions who are looking for a convenient place for the sake of students coming from far off places.

All the required permissions /licenses will be obtained from all the jurisdictional government authorities at our cost.

All the expenditure on the above documentation work, stamp duty, registration fee and Sub-Registrar office expenses will be borne exclusively by K.S.A Land Solutions (P) Ltd. The parties will bear only the price of land as per the Agreement entered upon with the company.

The clients can engage any advocate/s of their choice or opt for our Legal Cell for the Legal Opinion. The fee for the Legal Opinion will be paid by our company.


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